The ultimate feminine approach to empowerment, self-love & long-lasting transformation


Are you ready to unleash

your soul

& embody your inner Queen?

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Are you used to constantly overgive & putting everyone else's needs in front of your own, instead of giving to YOURSELF - leaving you feeling drained & exhausted and with no creative juice left to channel into your own passions, dreams & heart's desires?

Are you struggling to accept what you see in the mirror?

Zooming in on every little inch that isn’t "perfect" on your body - wondering if it will ever get better as you're comparing yourself with other women on social media?

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck & overwhelmed by life, like you just can’t seem to get moving towards your dreams & goals and that it’s never enough time for you to prioritize things that makes your heart sing, or giving yourself moments of pleasure, joy and nourishment...

Beautiful woman, I see you, I feel you...

You know the importance of self-love, and you've been working on yourself for years, so part of you are wondering why all the work you’ve been doing with yourself spiritually & emotionally, haven't taken you further at this point...

You still feel that there is something missing in your life. You sense a lack of fulfilment, and you're aware that the shift you need to make must come from within.

You KNOW it's more to life than what you’re experiencing, and you know you have more potential than what you're expressing - but more often than not you end up in what seems like an never ending loop of self-sabotage, victimhood & indulging in habits which is from serving you, OR that makes you you show up as your

highest self...  

You know that you're the one who needs to take charge of your limiting beliefs & negative mental chatter, but why does it feel so damn hard to do it on your own? 

You’re feeling exhausted trying to do it all alone and wishing you could receive the exact right support & guidance on your way...

you're sick of holding yourself back from moving towards living your life with soul & purpose, & hide your true self & your gifts over the fear that other people will not approve of you.

You’re tired of doubting yourself on a daily basis, feeling shy, insecure and as you never will be “good enough” and you're so damn ready to finally surrender into deep acceptance & self-love for all that you are!



Deep within you know it’s time to LEVEL UP.

To take charge of your life & COMMIT to truly start moving towards your heart's true desires

TO SAY YES to all that you are & unleash your soul once 

and for all.

Because you didn’t come here to hide & play small...

You didn’t come here to spend every single day on criticizing yourself &  hold back your light because of fear of other people's projections.

You came here to own your feminine power & be THE QUEEN of your life!

You came here to FLOURISH & BLOOM in your own unique essence.

You came here to share the gifts that only you have, & to be YOURSELF - unapologetically.

And this is the time.

You can feel the spark of the Sacred Feminine pulsing inside your womb & heart, calling on you to take the leap and embody your soul & higher self in a deeper way...


during our time together i'll guide you through my signature process:

the 6 Pillars Of embodied feminine Transformation


CLARITY: Get crystal clear on the outcome you want to create. What’s your heart's true desire & what’s the highest vision you see for yourself? This is what we’ll be working towards. 

RELEASE: Let go of negative beliefs, self-sabotaging patterns & anything else that's holding you back from stepping into your highest self.

TRANSFORM: Cultivate new empowering beliefs & habits & reprogram your mind for success. Get permission to become the best version for yourself.

NURTURE: Shift your vibration by nourishing your inner queen & merge deeper with your higher self. 

EMBODY: Anchor yourself  into a new way of BEing by returning to the innate wisdom of your body, and allow your soul to guide you into a deeper embodiment of your divine feminine essence

FLOURISH: Say YES to living your new life with more authenticity, self-love, confidence & pleasure. Know that you’re worthy of your heart's true desire & rise as the sovereign Queen that you Are!



a little bit about me...

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I'd be doing the work I do today with women, I would've given you a dodgy look & I probably wouldn't have believed in you.


10 years ago I spent most of my focus living completely 'up in my head'. Stressed, anxious and totally disconnected from my body, emotions & my juicy feminine essence. Truth be told, I didn’t even know what my feminine essence was back then, never mind how to embody it!


What I did know during that time, was that the life I was living was not at all fulfilling.

Intuitively, I could sense my higher self knocking on the door to my unconscious mind, guiding me to make changes in my life. Listening to the guidance, I started diving deep into spirituality & personal development & I literally signed up for any kind of transformational training that I felt pulled towards in order to support me to up-level my life. 


When I discovered the world of tantric practices for women, it radically and beautifully transformed my life. And for the very first time, I felt fully at home in my body & strongly connected to my higher purpose & my divine feminine essence. 


During this sacred journey of inner growth, empowerment & learning to love myself, my passion for this work opened up beautifully aligned opportunities. So I took these opportunities with wonder & excitement and became a guide & mentor for women, empowering them to establish a deeper & more loving connection to their bodies and unleash their feminine power from a true & authentic place within.


Through my signature Sacred Feminine Mentorship Programs (Flourish & Erotic Rose), I midwife & hold space for deep inner transformations to occur. I offer super-practical guidance as well as sacred feminine embodiment practices & support to assist my soul-clients in reprograming their minds from all kinds of limitations that are holding them back from living in the fullness of who they are and open up to a life bursting with love, pleasure & purpose.

Johanna's gudidance & tools brought me back into inner union and assisted me with stepping into my full power.

I've now come to a place of full self trust and a deep remembrance of WHO I am and WHY I'm here. The mentorship truly assisted me to come to a place where I connected with my soul purpose, and from that my online business was born. 

- Anna Tatjana - Professional fighter & fitness instructor 




Each month, you’ll receive 3 x 75-minute coaching sessions especially tailored to meet your needs on your unique journey. This will allow for long-lasting transformations to take place, and give you full support and accountability to attain your goals. You’ll then have 1 week off each month to integrate everything you’re learning and experiencing, & to complete any assignments. This will amplify our time together and also allow you the space for rest and self-care.


Between our one-on-one coaching sessions, you’ll have access to me to ask questions and receive support & guidance along the way. I’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure that you never feel alone. Whether you need guidance, accountability, inspiration, connection or simply someone to remind you how powerful you are. You’ll feel completely supported & nourished which will reinforce your personal transformation even more. This is Gold. 


You'll receive access to personalized embodiment practices + exercises that will support you to transform your life in between our one-on-one sessions. Content includes techniques to transforming your mindset, master your self-care routines + time, abundance templates, self-love resources, book recommendations, tapping scripts, affirmations, daily mantras, body-love rituals and much more!

Sacred feminine embodiment practices, rituals + self-love exercises

In addition to my Feminine Embodiment & Transformational Coach background, I’m an certified Sound Healer, Voice Awakening teacher as well as a Sacred Sexuality Facilitator. 

Depending on your other interests, you can use this 90 min BONUS call to dive into any topic that you feel called to. This is your opportunity to dive deeper into other personal-development areas and learn new techniques to support your growth and transformation.

90 min BONUS CALL - any topic (voice awakening, sacred sexuality, mindset, womb healing, divine inner union + more!)





This transformative mentorship program

is being offered as 3 or 6 months packages

with 3 monthly one-on-one sessions & unlimited email, text + voice message support between sessions

Apply here
& book your free
Discovery Call
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Start moving towards your wildest dream with confidence, knowing that all that you desire is already yours...

Finally letting go of all the old limiting stories you've been telling yourself that's been holding you back from living your life aligned with your soul.

 Healing how you view your body ​& start feeling beautiful, sexy & radiant when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Ending people-pleasing & start communicating your & truth with courage & authenticity. 

Feeling deeply nourished, embodied & sensually alive in your feminine body. 

 Finally silencing that negative voice of your inner critic that kept you feeling small for years & start feeling confident & glowing with feminine magnetism.

Waking up in the morning bursting with love, passion & gratitude to be alive, ready to take the new day with storm and move closer towards your dreams & goals.

Having the confidence to start that business you've been dreaming about for a long time, sharing your gifts & make an impact in the world.

 Totally owning your power & knowing with every little cell of your being that you are worthy of all that you desire. 


• You are ready to invest time, money & energy to move towards your heart’s true desires

• You're committed  to move out of victim mentality and take back your power and self-empowerment

• You are willing to look deep within & change patterns & behaviours that’s standing in your way from living your life in alignment with your soul

• You're committed to show up and do the work 

• You can commit to a minimum of 3 months of working with me

This program is for you if:

This program is NOT for you if:

• You don’t have time and space in your life to do the practices & home work I’ll be sending you

• You're expecting a “quick fix” - transformation doesn’t happen overnight (that’s why we’ll be working together over a duration of time.)

• You're not committed to financially invest in yourself to up-level your life (generous payment plans are available on request) 

Johanna's authenticity and genuine desire to help other women live their full potential shines through her entire being. Her work has given me so many tools and ways in which I can connect with my feminine energy and cultivate it in my daily life. I have so much gratitude for the opportunity of experiencing her knowledge and wisdom, and I believe many women will benefit from her amazing spirit and vibe. 

- Chantel Davidets 


Slowly my inner child has been awakening and her innocence and playfulness have returned to my life, bringing new energy and joy. It has literally been a process of coming back into my body – reclaiming my power day after day and allowing myself to experience my body freely, beautifully and sensually. 

Words cannot explain the relief, joy and happiness that have come into my life and my relationship with myself is blossoming. I am not the same person I was when I began this journey and I can’t wait to see how it keeps unfolding.

- Sofia Langthaler