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Erotic Rose
1:1 Mentorship

Are You Ready To Awaken More Pleasure, Self-love And Sexual Empowerment In Just 3 Months ?

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Hi gorgeous,

Does this sound familiar? 

✗ You’re holding back on expressing your true self because of fear that others will feel intimidated by you and your light...

✗  You struggle with feeling not enough and often compare yourself with others, thinking that you need to change who you are to be worthy of your true heart's desires…

✗  You know that you have gifts to share with the world, but all the limiting stories you're telling yourself is holding you back from owning your power...


✗ You want to experience the full spectrum of your orgasmic potential and sensuality, but you don't know where to start or if it's even possible for you...

✗  You often spend your days polarized in your masculine energy with a full to-do list, and you don’t prioritize the pleasure, self-care and nourishment that your feminine so deeply need and crave...


Imagine how it would feel to…. 

✓ Fully liberate your sensual, erotic and wild feminine essence (Your Shakti) and allow this powerful energy to level-up all areas of your life…

✓ Be more connected to your unique soul essence, and live your life with a deeper sense of self-love, confidence and inner fulfillment...

✓ Finally letting go of limiting beliefs around your worth, and confidently stepping into your next level self… (No more holding back on sharing your gifts with the world!)

✓ Experience deep, full body pleasure and more easily tap into orgasmic bliss (with yourself or with a partner...)

✓ Awaken the magic in your pussy and womb and connect with the sacred feminine mysteries that live within you…

introducing erotic Rose 1:1 mentorship

A 3 month transformative journey to support you in awakening your pleasure body and embody the magnetic, confident and sensual woman you're meant to be! 


This mentorship is a journey of coming home to your true self, merge spirituality and sexuality and activate your inner Goddess Frequency...


Then I'm inviting you to fill out the application form below & book your free Discovery Call. 

In this call we get a chance to connect & see if we're meant to go on this journey together.♡ 

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Kopia av Kopia av Namnlös design (2).png

Beautiful sister,

Do you want to know the fastest way to quantum leap into your next level self?


Owning your feminine sexual energy.


This is because your feminine sexual energy is at the root of who you are. 

It's your Shakti... Your life-force, your juice, your radiance and your creative essence.

If you desire to embody your fullest potential and blossom as a soulful, empowered woman, you need to reclaim this energy and let it flow into all areas of your life...

Owning your sexual energy is a deeply intimate, spiritual and holistic experience.


Your daily thoughts, how much stress you hold in your body and unhealed previous heartbreaks ALL contribute to how much pleasure, joy and erotic fulfillment you get to experience. 

Nurturing and tending to your feminine sexual energy should be as important as going to the gym, eating balanced food and getting enough sleep. 

 Pleasure is healing for your nervous system. Living your life connected to your senses and your ecstasy is medicine on so many levels...

When you live your life from this place you stop looking outside of yourself for any answers or for something to fill you up...

You remember that it was never outside of you. It was always within. Deep at the core of your being.


I've been on this journey myself. It liberated me. Truly. Now I want to share this magic with you. 


That’s why I created Erotic Rose one-on-one Mentorship 

With me by your side for 3 months you’ll receive all the support you'll need as you release limiting stories, resistance to pleasure and old conditioning around owning your power and unleashing your inner Goddess.

Because you are worthy of feeling deeply fulfilled, love. On.All.Levels. And I'm here to remind you of that.

According to your personal needs and previous experience the mentorship will be tailored to suit you exactly where you are on your unique journey. 


Almost everything in my life has become sacred.

really can't express through words how grateful I am for everything Johanna has held me through, teached me and for how deep she sees me. My life feels a HUNDRED TIMES more yummy and pleasurable than before. For the first time in my life I am able to feel DEEP UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for my Self, and that has given me so much strenght. For anyone out there having a feeling that you might want to work with this beautiful Queen, don't even think about it. If you put in the work you will experience a quantum leap for suuuuure. 

Heidrun Ertsås

Modalities we work with in Erotic Rose

Sacred Sexuality + Women's Tantric Arts

Let sexual practices be part of your new self-care routine. I'll initiate you into holistic sexual practices that will support you rewrite any stories around sexuality that doesn't serve you and awaken your inner tantric priestess. Some of the tools you'll be working with are a jade egg and a pleasure wand.

Mindset + Subconscious Reprogramming


We work with the subconscious mind to rewire any beliefs that may be holding you back from expressing your full potential. Guided meditation, inner child & shadow work, mindfulness & EFT are some of the tools I'll be using.

Emotional Alchemy + Feminine Embodiment

Make peace with your emotions and learn how to alchemize pain into power. I’ll share powerful breathwork, womb awakening and embodiment practices to support you in getting into your body, moving any stuck energy and tap into your inner wellspring of pleasure and magnetism.


Rose Flower Essence

An exclusive part of this program is that your transformational journey will be accompanied by the soft yet powerful medicine of Rose Flower Essence.


Flower essences are gentle but potent plant-medicines that work on subtle, energetic and vibrational levels, enabling us to heal our emotional bodies and see past restrictive conditionings and belief systems. They also assist us in catalyzing expansion, growth & transformation in a gentle way rather than forcing it.


Rose holds the frequency of unconditional love and is deeply connected to the heart chakra, and it supports us in unfolding our inner rose petals and  experience our erotic energy as sacred and innocent.


your transformational journey

Phase 1 - Initiation 

During the first spiral of the mentorship we’re going to set the foundation for our journey together. With the practices I’ll share with you, you’ll start to tap into the power in your pelvis and womb and awaken your feminine energy - Your Shakti. You’ll be initiated into Women's Tantric Arts practices that allows you to come home to your pleasure body, relaxes your nervous system and enlivens your inner radiance. Get clear on your most JUICY vision and  start to move towards it. This month you'll awaken your inner Lover.

Some of what you'll be exploring...

  • Conscious touch, self-pleasure & tantric arts

  • How to live an pleasurable life 101

  • Body temple rituals

  • Sensuality as medicine 

Phase 2 - Alchemy

During the second spiral of the mentorship we'll look deeper into what’s been holding you back from shining your light and truly blossom as the gorgeous Goddess that you are! With my guidance you’ll release limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, clear unsupportive ancestral programming and start to own your power from a deeply embodied place. This month you'll awaken your inner Priestess.

Some of what you'll be exploring...

  • Ending self-sabotage

  • Womb healing & sexual healing 

  • Balance your inner dark & the light feminine aspects

  • Let go of limiting beliefs 


Phase 3 - Inner Union 

During our final spiral together you’re going to integrate all that you've been working on until. You'll learn how to channel your magnetic erotic energy into your projects and visions and balance your inner feminine and masculine qualities (action and flow) for  deep integration and embodied inner union. This month you'll awaken your inner Queen.


Some of what you'll be exploring...


  • Divine inner union with the masculine

  • Lead your life as an embodied Queen

  • Confidently share your soul gifts & step into your Next Level Self 

  • Orgasmic manifestation 


Imagine that 3 months from now you...

 Feel more soulfully alive with a deeper sense of joy, confidence and inner fulfillment

 Have cultivated a more loving and intimate relationship with your body temple, with your pleasure and your feminine essence

 Have released many of the limited stories that previously held you back from shining your light

 Experience your sexual and sensual energy as a gateway to connect deeper with your soul and with the Divine

⥈ Feel more embodied in your true self and know that you are WORTHY of your heart's true desires

Feel more empowered sharing your unique gifts and magic with the world


Sister, are you ready to step into your next level self as an embodied, magnetic and soulful woman?

I created Erotic Rose because I truly believe that all women deserves to feel soulfully alive and connected to their juicy feminine essence... 

I also created this program because I know the importance of having the right support & mentoring when we embark on this journey. 

So sister, if you're DONE with holding back on your potential & feeling disconnected from your magic, your power and your radiance...

And if you're ready to say YES to more pleasure, self-love and sensual aliveness… Then I'm inviting you to go on this beautiful and journey together with me. ♡  

Xx Johanna

What's included:


 Bi-weekly 90 min one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions 

Full access to me over whatsapp to get accountability support, guidance and inspiration whenever you need it 

(This is where so much of the GOLD is taking place!)

Weekly self-love rituals & feminine embodiment practices that awakens your inner Goddess

Juicy playlists & sensual dance practices 

 Personalized worksheets & journal prompts to help you integrate all the inner work you'll be doing

Unlimited resources of guided meditations, visualizations, transmissions & emotional alchemy exercises uniquely tailored for you

Luxury Bonus

As a gift from my heart to you I have put together an exclusive welcoming package with my all time favorite tools for awakening your sensual essence. You'll be sent this generous welcoming package at the beginning of your 3 month journey.

It includes: 

A medium sized, drilled 100% genuine GIA certified nephrite jade egg (or if you prefer, a rose quartz egg)

A 30ml bottle of exquisite Rose Flower essence

A 30 ml bottle of exclusive Divine Feminine Rose oil 

A yoni pleasure wand in glass

A yoni steam herbal blend package



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The Erotic Rose 1:1 Mentorship has been one of the best investments and gifts I ever given to myself.  

Johanna's guidance & tools brought me back into inner union and assisted me with stepping into my full power.

I've now come to a place of full self trust and a deep remembrance of WHO I am and WHY I'm here.

The mentorship truly assisted me to come to a place where I connected with my soul purpose, and from that my online business was born.

Anna Tatjana 


This journey has been a like a huge box of gifts!

I almost can't recall how I was when I started, the inner growth has been so outstanding that it feels like I stepped intp a completely renewed life! I know at this point that I have expanded in all areas. My senses, how I relate to my sensuality and my body image, even my mind is much more content now.   

I've changed old beliefs and I now understand more about who I am and what I need and want in my life.

I know my personal boundaries and I’ve reconnected with what brings me joy. I let life surprise me more often, and I recognize and welcome more flow into all areas of my life.  

I wish this gift for all women, young as old. If there is something in life you should give to yourself, this is it.

Monika  W-Nielsen


I can highly recommend  Erotic Rose one-on-one mentorship with Johanna if you are longing to connect deeper with your feminine power.

She really helped me to connect with my sacred womb, my feminine power that I wasn't even aware of, and she was always available to support me and meet me exactly where I was on my unique path. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Johanna. Thank you for guiding me to connect deeper with my precious womb space.

The work we did together is still with me in my everyday life 5 months after the mentorship has finished and my inner rose petals are still opening, one by one. 

 Sara Borg Thorisdottir


Slowly my inner child has been awakening and her innocence and playfulness have returned to my life, bringing new energy and joy.

This journey has literally been a process of coming back into my body – reclaiming my feminine power day after day and allowing myself to experience my body freely, beautifully and sensually. 

Words cannot explain the relief, joy and happiness that have come into my life and my relationship with myself is blossoming. 

I am not the same person I was when I began this journey and I can’t wait to see how it keeps unfolding.

Sofia Langthaler


• You're committed  to show up for yourself and do the work 

• You're willing to look within at patterns and behaviours that’s been standing in your way from fully owning your sexual energy and feminine power

• You know inside of your heart that now is the time for you to cultivate a new empowered relationship to your sexuality, come home to your your sacred body live your life with a deeper sense of self-love and wholeness

This mentorship is for you if:

This mentorship is NOT for you if:

• You're at a place in your life where you don't have time to do the practices and homework I’ll be sending you 

• You're looking for a “quick fix” - Transformation doesn’t happen overnight (that’s why we’ll be working closely together for the duration of minimum 3 months)

• You're not prepared to invest in yourself to take your life to the next level 


Hi, I'm Johanna


For many years I carried deep conditioning and shame around my sexuality and body... 

My breakthrough happened many years ago when I ended up in my first Tantra retreat and had a Kundalini awakening. This experience literally shifted my whole reality. Reconnecting with my body and my sexual energy in a sacred and holistic way was the medicine I had been longing for my whole life. I had the most beautiful spiritual experience where I felt my sexual energy merging with the love in my heart, and I came to realize that my erotic energy is the most powerful and beautiful energy that exists within me. 

Erotic Rose is the journey I’ve been on myself, and is a culmination of all the best embodiment and sacred sexuality practices, mindset work, transmissions and transformative exercises that I’ve explored over the past 10 years years put together into a 3 month long mentorship.


Are you ready to say YES to erotic empowerment and live your life deeply aligned with your soul?


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