A deep & transformative 3 month  

Sacred Sexuality Program with Johanna Lily

Hi Beautiful,

Are you feeling that there is often something missing when it comes to sex? That you're more often than not is feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied and deep within you're longing to explore the full spectrum of your orgasmic potential?


 Is your libido low and you're feeling tired, drained and lacking creativity and inspiration in your life?


 Are you longing to cultivate more self-love and feminine radiance?







I offer a Free 30 min Discovery call over zoom where you get the opportunity to ask questions about the program & see if it's a fit for you

This Program is for you if you struggle with:

  • Feeling unsexy, unattractive and unseen

  • Having problems with orgasms


  • Carrying emotional and/or sexual baggage from the past


  • Spending more time in your analytical mind than in your sensual body


  • Low self-esteem & not fully loving yourself & your body

I truly believe that all women deserves to feel embodied, orgasmic, alive and radiant!

This program is a culmination of all the best feminine tantric practices I’ve explored over 6 years all combined into a deep 3 month long transformative inner journey.

Working with cultivating your feminine sexual essence & connecting deeply with your pleasure will awaken your inner radiance, feminine magnetism and boost your life-force & creative fire!

During the program, you'll be working with the frequency & vibrational medicine of the rose, the most sacred and exquisite flower symbolizing the divine feminine and the awakening of erotic innocence through embodying sacred sexuality.

You will also be working with a jade egg, an ancient taoist feminine practice that is an amazing tool to increase libido, boost sensuality & increasing sensitivity and pleasure.


How it works

At the start of the program I'll send you a welcoming package with a high quality Rose Essence & a Certified nephrite jade egg.

Every week you'll connect with me via Zoom on a 1:1 mentoring and coaching call where you'll be guided to explore the deeper layers of your relationship with sexuality and pleasure.
Depending on what arises in the calls I'll support you deeper through personalized embodiment practices, transmissions & self-enquiry that supports you on your journey...

You’ll receive a new jade egg practice every week (each week building upon each other)
You will also receive personalized Feminine embodiment practices, unique for your stage in life, and a ritual for you to explore in your own home.
You'll be encouraged to create a healing space somewhere in your home where you'll explore the practices in privacy. 🌹


A high quality Certified Nephrite Jade Egg and a high quality bottle of Rose Essence (Created by Wild and the Moon)
✓ Weekly tantric body temple rituals, jade egg tutorials, Goddess transmissions & feminine embodiment practices
✓ Weekly mentoring and coaching calls, delivered via Zoom
Email & voice message support with Johanna between sessions




What you'll receive:


Divine Feminine Yoni Steam Blend By Wild & The Moon

A nourishing, healing and supportive blend made of Rose, Calendula, Yarrow and Juniper. Each herb is hand picked and harvested with a deep connection to the spirit of the plant.


Yoni steam ceremony audio mp3


Divine Feminine Rose Breast Massage Oil By Wild & The Moon

A pristine sacred oil, wildly crafted with exquisite organic Rosa Damascena, blended with high quality Umbrian organic olive oil, Rose quartz essence made on the waning moon, and Rose essential oil.

The Erotic rose mentorship has been one of the best investments and gifts I ever given to myself.

Johanna is "walking the talk", embodying her teachings, and leading by example. I love how in tune she is with her intuition as she guides and offer great tools on your journey. She has helped me to cultivate a deep and loving connection with my feminine self and my body in such a short time. Taking my Healing journey and self discovery to new depths. I'm blooming, and forever grateful for the support, wisdom and love Johanna has poured into our work together. 

Anna Tatjana

• You are ready to invest time, money & energy to awaken your true erotic feminine essence. 

• You're committed  to reclaim your feminine power and step into self-empowerment

• You are prepared to stretch outside of your comfort zone

• You are willing to look deep within & change patterns & behaviours that’s standing in your way from fully owning your sexuality & pleasure.

• You're committed to Show Up and do The Work on your behalf 

• You can commit to a minimum of 3 months of working with me

This program is for you if:

This program is NOT for you if:

• You don’t have time and space in your life to do the practices & home work I’ll be sending you

• You're expecting a “quick fix” - transformation doesn’t happen overnight (that’s why we’ll be working together over a duration of time.)

• You're not committed to financially invest in yourself to up-level your life (generous payment plans are available on request) 

Are you ready to say YES to more pleasure, deeper orgasms and feeling like a sensual & magnetic Goddess in 2020?

Book your Free 30 min Discovery Call 

Johanna is a certified transformational life coach, an embodiment & self-love mentor and a wisdom keeper of the feminine mysteries.

She is deeply passionate to support women to embody the innate wisdom of their feminine essence, cultivate sacred sensuality and to remember the divinity of their sexuality.

She has a background of studies in many kinds of healing modalities as well as holistic and esoteric teachings such as tantra, meditation & embodiment and she has spent many years working with the shadow and to understand human behavior on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

She aims to share her work in the form of transformative courses & retreats as well as one-on-one sessions, guiding the women she’s working with into deep practices to ignite genuine self-love, awaken the beauty of their souls and blossom in their feminine essence.

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