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Words of appreciation...


Johanna is walking the talk, embodying her teachings, and leading by example. I love how in tune she is with her intuition as she guides and offer great tools on your journey. She has helped me to cultivate a deep and loving connection with my feminine self and my body in such a short time. Taking my Healing journey and self discovery to new depths. I'm blooming, and forever grateful for the support, wisdom and love Johanna has poured into our work together.



Working with Johanna helped me to open up to my femininity and this has become something I'm now diving deeper
into and exploring even more on my own. 
I suddenly got in contact with a force inside me that I had long been distanced from. A kind of force that has been there always, but that I haven't listened to or trusted.
I feel stronger and more happy to be a woman, and that there is so much I want to achieve and grow towards in my life.
I feel beautiful in my body now, and I listen more deeply to my body since I understand that it holds all the answers.
Johannas message is important and healing and she radiates love and kindness

which makes you feel safe and accepted in her workshops.
You dare to allow yourself to blossom and show your true self.  



The day I started to truly feel myself was the day I attended Johannas workshop. Throughout the weekend I rised through the mud and became stronger, more beautiful, blissful and ready to be a new version of myself. I met my true self and became more happy in my daily life. I'm now aware of the sacred space that exist within me, and I'm able to lead myself through the process of being a woman and a goddess.



I warmly recommend Johanna’s work. I've had the pleasure of joining her retreats in Norway and in Malta. Both retreats have given me so many valuable and beautiful experiences. Johanna and the other participants helped me in getting out of my comfort zone in a supporting and loving way. Her teachings in yoni egg gave me more understanding and acceptance of my feminine body. When I surrendered in her yin yoga sessions I learned that it's ok to take things slow sometimes and relax! I'm so grateful for learning more about the connection between our menstrual cycle and the moon cycle, it has guided me into understanding a lot more about myself. As a person she's such a sweetheart, helpful, soft spoken, kind and fun! Men and women can benefit immensely from Johanna's teachings.


To participate in a course led by Johanna is an experience I wish all women to have. Me along with others has a tendency to feel vulnerable in a group setting with new people, but Johanna's peace and beauty influenced me from the start. Soft, gentle and distinctly she led the group through meditation, dance, energy work and self inquiry.


In two days, a new world of wonderful experiences with gorgeous and authentic women opened up. I'm forever grateful for the experience.





A goddess gathering

A circle of light

A tribe of women as meant to be

Sisters all around

Surrounded in love and warmth

Giving and showing trust to one another

A wonderful bond created

Dancing and opening up to all that is good

Eyes closed

Body relaxed

Light movements 

And then rest

The sweet sense of sage seeping through the air

Cleansing deep within

Calming mind and soul

Rhythm in the body

Being in the moment

Beautiful Sounds of the sisters around

Echoing in your ears

A chance to let go of all pain and sorrow

Fear and hurt

Meeting your true self

Your inner goddess 

Seeing her brightly in front of you

Acknowledging her presence

Letting her emerge at last

Our souls becoming one

Ego losing control

Finding inner light, and love and truth

Dancing in her love

Acknowledging the inner light that is you

In her

Letting it glow strong and bright


Surrounded in a circle of sisters

Goddesses so true

Embracing light and faith and happiness 

Returning to your true self

Singing and dancing and glorious sounds filling the air

All senses are engaged

Taste of bittersweet

Smell of rose

Calming oils on our hands

The soft touch

As we bond together

With music all around 

A beautiful alter in our midst 

With Roses, Crystals and cards.

To point us to our inner beings 

And give a sense of calm.

A loving teacher to guide us through whatever may come up.

To hold our souls and stroke our hair

And wipe our tears away.

The way she moves with grace and beauty

And love shines through her eyes.

Her love is pure, intentions great

And the way she works is soft.

She guides us through 

Our journey here

And is always by our side.

She was once there 

She knows the pain

She found the joy and light

She wants to share and care for you

And help you on your way.

Two and two we sit in pairs

Showing our true selves

Honesty it fills the air 

And great love shines through

Hugs and tears and understanding

Is a precious gift we share

Emotions flow throughout this time

So good it feels safe

To let it out 

And to let go 

to smile and to laugh

To find your inner beauty and truth

Your goddess deep within

And see yourself anew 

And being blessed to share it all with sisters just like you. 



I can truly recommend Johanna Lily's workshop! She creates a magical, warm, authentic safe space, where true sisterhood can rise. Her leading style is very soft and yet powerful and professional. You feel safe to explore the deepest complex issues, and she invites you to go deep within, and still keeps it light and funny! She is truly gifted for this work, and radiates this glow that people on a heartfelt mission do. When sisters come together like this, it creates deep healing within and in between... A circle is created and the circle will grow, like ripples in water it will effect your whole life in transformative ways.


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