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Hi love,

I'm so glad that you are here!

Let me introduce myself. 


I'm Johanna Lily, a transformational practitioner, feminine empowerment mentor and holistic sexuality and somatic guide.

I believe that all women deserve to feel soulfully alive, sensually embodied & connected to the magic of their feminine essence!

I know that YOU beautiful Goddess, were put on this earth to share your unique soul expression and gifts with the world, and I'm passionate about supporting you to reclaim your feminine power and step into leadership in all areas of your life. ​

More about me and my joruney...

For a big part of my life I felt completely disconnected from my true self. I lived my life completely up in my head, I didn't feel at home in my body at all and I had low self esteem. I'm born as an empath and highly sensitive, and as I grew up I was often told that I "felt too much." This made me believe that there was something inherently wrong with me and that I was different from everyone else around me who seemingly didn't feel as much or as deeply as I did... In school I had a hard time to fit, I felt despressed and I tried to numb myself with parties, alcohol and drugs. This resulted in a downward spiral of self destructive behaviors that took me many years to overcome...

Deep within I knew that something was missing...

That there must be more to this life than THIS... 


 So about a decade ago after I had my first spiritual awakening, I felt drawn to learn about energy healing & herbal medicine. I was committed to detoxing my mind and body from the years of self neglect and unhealthy habits. I was eager to learn and I jumped on almost every training that I could. Yoga, meditation, shamanism and shadow work to name a few...

When I found Women's Tantra it was like a piece of the puzzle fell into place and I felt that this was the medicine my mind, body and soul had been longing for my whole life.

Practicing feminine tantric practices, embodiment and sacred sexuality helped me to heal my relationship with my body and to awaken more of my true self. For the first time I started to step into a deep level of self acceptance and love for who I was, and I felt more centered and at home within myself than ever before. That's when my reality truly started to shift.

It became very clear to me that part of my soul purpose is to share these teachings with other women. Since then I've studied with world-known teachers in this field, and over the years where I've become masterful at facilitating transformation for women through working with the intelligent wisdom of our bodies, merging spirituality and sexuality and cultivating our innate feminine power.

I'm certified as a transformational coach, sound healer, Integrative Pelvic Health practitioner and women's tantra facilitator, and I've studied Priestess arts for many years. In my work I'm weaving together my passion for transformation with awakening the power of the womb, holistic sexuality, tantra and earth based spirituality.

I'm currently offering my work through one-on-one mentorship, workshops, ceremonies and retreats.



I believe that the healing this world needs more than anything at this time is that each one of us starts to share our unique soul medicine express what makes our hearts sing the most.

I feel that all of us are being asked to step fully into a new template based on authenticity and love where each one of us are equally needed as we all carry wisdom and codes that will contribute to uplifting each other and our beautiful mother earth.

And  a big part of this is that we women return to our inherent feminine wisdom and claiming our soul gifts! 

I believe that it's our birthright as women to feel liberated, embodied in our skin

and feel our inner Goddess radiate from within...

 When we experience our true selves awakening inside of us and when we allow ourselves to release all the conditioning and old beliefs around what it means to be a woman, we start to truly love ourselves and we begin to step into our unlimited potential.

The effect of each one of us doing that that will ripple out and touch not only our own lives but the whole collective... 


I am deeply devoted to support this movement through the work that I offer, by guiding the women that I work with to claim their medicine, rise in their feminine power and embody their highest soul expression.

Want to know more about how we can work together? 

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