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Integrative Pelvic Health® & Womb Healing single sessions & 4 week Mentorship

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Welcome Sacred Woman

This is an invitation to return to your wise center.

To restore connection to your pelvic bowl.

And awaken the ecstatic feminine that lives within you. 

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The pelvis is the root of your body. 

Our pelvis and womb hold so much of our feminine power, life-force, bliss and creative expression, yet it’s also a place that has often been shamed and where we tend to hold many wounds and traumas. 

For many of us, it has felt unsafe to spend time in this part of our bodies, so we have unconsciously disconnected from it. 


However, living your life disconnected from your root may lead to pelvic health issues, pain, low libido, menstruation and fertility challenges as well as a general feeling of stagnation and discomfort. 


It’s important for us as women to ground our essence back into our pelvis, in order to feel genuinely grounded and connected to Self. 

Reclaiming this part of your body is one of the most profound steps on your journey of true feminine empowerment and to restore a sense of embodied presence and safety from within. 

When you start to bring your awareness back to your pelvis and begin to awaken the power that rests here, you get access to so much more creativity, joy and sensual aliveness. You move away from feeling disconnected, stagnant and uninspired to feeling more embodied and confident, and you’ll be able to give birth to your visions and creative projects effortlessly through pleasure and inspiration. 

This is the way of the feminine.

This is the power of returning to your root.

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Things we tend to unconsciously hold in our root:

  • Unprocessed emotions such as grief, shame, fear, and anger.

  • Sexual, birth and ancestal trauma. 

  • Other people's energies. 

  • Protective armor that prevents us from experiencing more pleasure, love and intimacy.

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What is Integrative Pelvic Health?®


Integrative Pelvic Health® is a deeply embodied and feminine modality that awakens hidden structures in your pelvic cradle so you can discover the profound intuition, bliss and creative force that resides here.


Integrative Pelvic Health® is a somatic, trauma aware method that employs anatomy-based body practice and inner dream journeying to the womb to help women recover vibrant wellbeing in their pelvis.

Cultivating sensations in our pelvis is a key to truly embodying a sense of wholeness, rootedness and creativity. One of the qualities that makes this method unique is the fact that we are dealing with a new generation of bodywork, called Self-Empowered Bodywork. This is the return of the long-forgotten feminine path, the path that embraces the body in all its wonder and sees it as an integral part of our spiritual, relational and emotional life.


The return of embodiment is the return of the feminine, in its full form and deep wisdom.


This work may support you to:

  • Experience profound somatic healing

  • Awaken more libido and sexual energy

  • Feel more safe and home in your body

  • Reclaim your sacred sensual feminine essence

  • Embody healthy boundaries 

  • Release tension and discomfort in the pelvis region

  • Enhance sensations of bliss and pleasure in your yoni (vagina) 

  • Awaken your life-force 

  • Feel more embodied and confident as a woman

  • Heal personal and/or ancestral womb trauma (misarriage, abortion, traumatic birth, sexual violation etc)

  • Cultivate a stronger sense of clarity and direction

  • Tap into your intuition and to your inner knowing

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are you longing to return to your wildness and come into deeper connection with your body's innate wisdom?


in your rooted sessions you will explore:

Emotional Alchemy: You'll receive tools in how to move stuck emotions held in your lower body, and alchemize them into life-force energy and vitality.

Dream Journey's : You'll be guided through shamanic inner dream journey's to the womb that brings you into a deeply relaxed, dreamtime consciousness state where you get to and awaken deeper layers of your body wisdom and intuition. 

Cyclical Living: You'll learn how to live in harmony with your feminine cyclic nature instead of pushing against it, and experience how to optimize your life from a place of flow and alignment. 

Somatics & Embodiment: You'll explore gentle pelvic exercises and somatic womb healing practices that will support you in cultivating greater body awareness, increase energy flow and relaxation in your pelvis and help you tap into your ecstatic feminine essence. 

Women's Healing Arts: ​​​You'll learn many women's healing arts practices and self-care rituals that you easily can incorporate into your life to fill your cup with nourishment. 

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Johanna's gudidance & tools brought me back into inner union and assisted me with stepping into my full power.

I've now come to a place of full self trust and a deep remembrance of WHO I am and WHY I'm here.

The mentorship assisted me to come to a place where I connected with my soul purpose, and from that my online business was born. 

Anna Tatjana 

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A little background story about my journey with this work...


In my younger years I had no clarity in life. I was disconnected from my body, I felt deep shame around expressing my sensuality and I had not found my true purpose in life...

All of this started to change when I found feminine practices that helped me return to my body and reconnect with the power of my womb. 

As I remembered how it felt to live EMBODIED in my feminine, I gave birth to a completely new version of myself, where offering my light and gifts started to unfold effortlessly.

This work is beneficial for all women. We can all gain so much from rediscovering the magic and wisdom of our bodies. 

The world needs women owning their power and innate wisdom, now more than ever.

I'm devoted to support you on your journey of coming home to your true Self, reclaiming body sovereignty and stepping into womb centered leadership in your own unique way.


90 min single session:

1400,- Nok


includes a guided audio practice for integration

4 week mentorship package: 8888,- Nok

Payment plan is available on request

the 4 week mentorship includes: 


Each week we'll meet over video for a 90 min one-on-one Integrative Pelvic Health & womb healing session, tailored to meet your needs on your unique journey. 


Between our one-on-one sessions, you’ll have access to me over email to ask questions and receive support. I’ll be checking in with you regularly as well, sending you inspiration and guidance on your journey. 


Each week I'll send you embodiment practices, rituals, meditations, dream journey's, worksheets, journal prompts that will support you to integrate the work in between our sessions.


When you sign up for the 4 week mentorship you'll be sent a beautiful package with an exquisite womb massage oil and a yoni steam herbal blend. Both products are 100% natural and organic and are a gift from my womb to yours. 


This powerful shamanic energy healing session will take place either at ´my home on Nesodden (Norway) or over distance. The session takes between 60-90 min depending on what might come up during the healing. (Worth 1500 Nok) 
Please apply to work with me through the link below. Once I've received your application I'll get back to you with further information around payment and we'll schedule your first session. 
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Johanna really wants to help other women awaken their inner Goddess. During our time together she truly helped me reconnect with my Goddess energy and femininity which has been profound healing for me. She also helped me clear a lot of trauma from my womb which has allowed me to feel much more light and more connected to my inner wisdom. She is such an empathic and loving soul and I highly recommend her work with all of my heart.

Anna Xydia

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This journey has literally been a process of coming back into my body – reclaiming my power day after day and allowing myself to experience my body freely, beautifully and sensually. 

Words cannot explain the relief, joy and happiness that have come into my life and my relationship with myself is blossoming. 

I am not the same person I was when I began this journey and I can’t wait to see how it keeps unfolding.

Sofia Langthaler


I've had a hysterectomy, can I still benefit from this work? 

Absolutely. This work would be highly beneficial for you. Even if your physical womb has been removed, the energetic imprint of your womb will stay with you forever. The gentle, trauma-sensitive practices we do in this mentorship will support healing and rejuvination of your pelvic space, and help you restore a healthy and loving connection to this part of your body.

Is this for me if I’m pregnant? 

The actual womb healing part of this mentorship would not be suitable for you if you are pregnant - however the Integrative Pelvic Health® modality would be truly beneficial for you and can support you to prepare your body for a more gentle, relaxed and conscious birth.  

If you're pregnant, I’d love to tailor a unique journey for you with an emphasis on supporting you in creating flexibility and relaxation in your pelvis, and link your womb and heart. I am a trained doula through ODIS, a Swedish doula training and organisation, and I personally gave birth to my daughter through a gentle home birth in water. I’d love to guide you on this journey. 


What does a session look like? How does it work? 

Before your first session you’ll be invited to complete an in-depth intake questionnaire to support you to delve deeply and express what you are seeking support with. During your session, we’ll chat about what your intentions for the session are, before I guide you through anatomy-based and energetic healing pelvic practices to help you connect with your body in a new way, offering healing, support, and activation. Together we will open new doorways of feeling and sensory perception to help you re-weave your life from within.


You’ll also be guided through a dream journey into the womb, a shamanic style guided meditation so that you can deepen into the spiritual and emotional aspects of what you are exploring. Following each practice and dream journey there will be integration time comprising journaling, reflecting and sharing before your session ends. 


Any future sessions will expand on your first session, and we will explore areas that we feel are most supportive to you at that time. Integrative Pelvic Health® sessions are about you becoming the protagonist of an exciting new story as you embody, feel and awaken the deepest parts of yourself. After each session you'll be sent tailored exercises & meditations, feminine embodiment practices, rituals and worksheets for you to explore at the comfort of your own home. You then have access to me over email to ask me questions, receive mentoring and emotional support along the way.



Are the sessions held online or in person?

These sessions can be held both online over video and in person at Johannas home on Nesodden, Norway.

When does it start?

I'm taking on new clients regularly. Once you've applied for a spot I'll get back to you and we'll schedule your first appointment. 

do you want to schedule a Free 30 min call to discuss if the 4 week mentorship is right for you?

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