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Embody Your Feminine Essence
Sacred Feminine

Hi Love,

I'm Johanna

I'm a feminine embodiment and sexuality mentor, a transformational practitioner and intuitive guide. 

I guide women deep into their bodies to awaken pleasure and erotic innocence, and to overcome blockages that are holding them back back  from living their lives with more love, purpose & soul.


Are you longing to feel more confident in your body, unlock your true potential & step into a life bursting with passion & self-love?


Feeling deeply home in your feminine body and experiencing soulful sex is your birthright.

I have created a transformational 1:1 program for women like you where you get to connect deeper with your feminine erotic & sensual body & own your Feminine POWER!

Are you ready to say YES to more pleasure and erotic empowerment?

Beautiful woman,


Johanna's authenticity and genuine desire to help other women live their full potential shines through her entire being. Her work has given me so many tools and ways in which I can connect with my feminine energy and cultivate it in my daily life. I have so much gratitude for the opportunity of experiencing her knowledge and wisdom, and I believe many women will benefit from her amazing spirit and vibe. 


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