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Embody Your Feminine Essence
Sacred Feminine

Hi Love,

I'm Johanna

An feminine embodiment and sexuality teacher, transformational coach and intuitive guide. 

I guide women back into their bodies to cultivate self-love, pleasure & to overcome blocks that's preventing them from living their lives with a deeper sense of purpose & soul.


Are you longing to feel more confident in your body, unlock your true potential & step into a life bursting with passion & self-love?


Feeling deeply home in your feminine body and experiencing soulful sex is your birthright.

I have created a transformational 1:1 program for women like you where you get to connect deeper with your feminine erotic & sensual body & own your Feminine POWER!

Are you ready to say YES to more pleasure and erotic empowerment?

Beautiful woman,

Working with Johanna helped me to open up to my femininity and this is now something I want to dive deeper

into and explore even more on my own.
I feel stronger and more happy to be a woman, and that there is so much I want to achieve and grow towards in my life.
I feel beautiful in my body now, and I listen more deeply to my body since I understand that it holds all the answers.
Johannas message is important and healing and she radiates love and kindness

which makes you feel safe and accepted in her workshops.

You dare to allow yourself to blossom and show your true self.    


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