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Sacred Feminine

for a new earth paradigm 

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Supporting you to reclaim your Wild Feminine, awaken your Sacred Pleasure & remember your Body's Innate Wisdom.

welcome beauty, 
I'm Johanna lily 

I'm a Feminine Empowerment Mentor, Somatic Guide & Holistic Sexuality Facilitator.  

I am passionate about supporting women to reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies, feel empowered in their sexuality and align with their highest soul expression. As a trauma-informed practitioner, I offer a safe and sacred space through

1 : 1 mentorship, transformational workshops and retreats, ceremonies, somatic healing, Women's Tantric Arts & Integrative Pelvic Health®.


as a guide & mentor I help women to:

Cultivate a deeper embodiment of their feminine essence and remember the sacredness of their sexuality 

Open up to more pleasure and magic in all areas of their lives

 Overcome low self-worth and cultivate more confidence and self-love 

 Heal their relationship to their pelvis and womb and root into their true selves

Rise as feminine leaders and share their unique gifts and medicine with the world



Johanna's authenticity and genuine desire to help other women live their full potential shines through her entire being. Her work has given me so many tools and ways in which I can connect with my feminine energy and cultivate it in my daily life. I have so much gratitude for the opportunity of experiencing her knowledge and wisdom, and I believe many women will benefit from her amazing spirit and vibe. 


integrative pelvic health® & womb healing
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erotic rose 1:1 holistic sexuality Mentorship
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Free guided pleasure practice
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