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join us in sisterhood for a nurturing women’s tantra retreat with an emphasis on awakening the ecstatic aliveness of the female body


Beautiful sister,

Are you aware that your feminine sexual energy is the most magnetic force within you that has the power to attract into your life all of  your deepest desires?

That's right. Inside you dwells an ocean of unlimited potential and magnetism just waiting for you to unlock and reclaim...

Your body is a powerful vessel for alignment and your sexual energy is your direct link to the creative source of the universe.

This potent energy can not only create new life, but can be harnessed within you and become the fuel to call in your wildest dreams and unleash your magic and soul gifts. 


Your pleasure, sensuality and eros can become medicine that can heal your mind and body and awaken the fire within your feminine soul

- if you say yes to it...

Throughout this 4 day immersion, you'll be led through a remembrance of your divine, sensual and erotic nature...


 Through embodiment, dance, tantric rituals and connecting with sacred feminine archetypes, you'll cultivate the hidden treasures of your deep feminine wisdom.

This is where you emerge as the Queen of your own life and remember that YOU are the source of all the pleasure, love and abundance that you desire - anything or anyone else is just adding to it.



In gentle ways we’ll awaken the serpent power of our kundalini shakti life-force energy at the base of your spine, and allow this transformative energy to activate the codes of the tantric priestess that lives within you. 


In a safe space amongst your sisters you're going to tap into the ecstatic aliveness that's always present inside your body temple, balance your femininine with your masculine and embody a state of deeper inner union.

Except of all the juicy workshops, ceremonies and practices there will be time to rest and relax and fill your cup with heartfelt conversations, delicious food and to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds the retreat centre. 


During the retreat you'll explore:

 Sensual holistic dance journeys

 Divine inner union practices to restore balance between your inner feminine and inner masculine 

 Sister sharing circles

 Breathwork & life-force activations

✽ Awaken feminine pleasure and live an orgasmic life workshop

✽ Women's Tantric Arts teachings 

 Womb and Yoni empowerment

 Tantra massage & body temple ritual

 Sacred Cacao ceremony

✽ Magnetic manifestation workshop

✽ Voice awakening exercises

 Chakra purification and sexual alchemy

 Embodiment practices that awakens your feminine power - your Shakti 

... And much more

This Retreat Is For You If:

 You want to treat yourself with a few days of rejuvenation and celebration of being a woman

 You want to feel held and supported by a loving sisterhood 

 You want to fill you cup with LOVE, PLEASURE & JOY!

✽ You're ready to connect deeper with your inner wisdom & intuition 

 You wish to learn more about Women's Tantric Arts and embody more of your Goddess frequency

 You desire to cultivate more of your unique soul essence

✽ You want to revitalize your body temple and awaken your radiance and magnetism

Retreat Venue & Accommodation 

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The retreat will be held in Hurdal in Norway at Hurdal Gjestegård, approx 1 hour drive from Oslo.


Hurdal Gjestegård is a yoga and retreat centre located nearby Hurdal Ecovillage. We'll be staying in a beautiful old house with lots of history and soul, surrounded by lush nature and a gorgeous lake. 


The accommodation is cozy and fresh. You’ll be sleeping in shared rooms with your sisters. 

Read more about Hurdal Gjestegård at

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Nourishing Food


Malin, the owner of Hurdal Gjestegård will serve us three delicious and nourishing vegetarian and gluten-free meals each day. 

Time & Date 

The retreat is starting Thursday 7th of October 

Check in is between 15:00 - 17:00

We're ending Sunday 10th of October after lunch around 13:00 


Super Early Bird 5000,- Nok

(Until 25th of August)

Early Bird 5400,- Nok

(Until 25th of September)

Full Price 5800,- Nok

Prices include three nights stay in shared accomodation, delicious vegetarian food during the whole retreat and access to all workshops and ceremonies.


A 2500,- Nok non refundable deposit will be asked to be paid with the registration.

There are limited spots available in this retreat. Book your space today to secure your spot.

Your Facilitator
Soulful woman retreat is held by

Johanna Lily 

Johanna Lily is a certified transformational coach, a feminine embodiment and sacred sexuality teacher and she's walking the path of the Priestess. 

She's passionate about supporting women to awaken to their true selves, heal their relationships to their bodies and to remember the innocence of their erotic nature. 

She has over the past decade studied an explored topics and modalities such as tantra, voice awakening, shamanism, energy healing, holistic dance and embodiment. Now she offers her work through transformative courses and retreats as well as one-on-one, guiding the women she's working with to cultivate deeper self-love, awaken their soul gifts and blossom in their sensual feminine essence. 


The day I started to truly feel myself was the day I attended Johannas workshop. Throughout the weekend I rised through the mud and became stronger, more beautiful, blissful and ready to be a new version of myself. I met my true self and became more happy in my daily life. I'm now aware of the sacred space that exist within me, and I'm able to lead myself through the process of being a woman and a goddess.


To participate in a course led by Johanna is an experience I wish all women to have. Me along with others has a tendency to feel vulnerable in a group setting with new people, but Johanna's peace and beauty influenced me from the start. Soft and gentle she distinctly led the group through meditation, dance, energy work and self inquiry.


In two days, a new world of wonderful experiences with gorgeous and authentic women opened up. I'm forever grateful for the experience.


Johanna really wants to help other women to find their power and discover the goddess within. The practices I did with her helped me so much to understand more about my own goddess energy and how much power we all carry within. She helped me to overcome a lot of  guilt I carried around my femininity, and helped me heal a lot of trauma which has helped me move forward in my life and become more confident about my sexuality, sensuality and femininity. I feel very happy and lucky that I had the chance to work with Johanna. She's such a vibrant empathic and understanding soul.



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