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It's time to bloom

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Don't think about how the world shall receive your unique essence... Just blossom.

Imagine the flower that is opening up from the bud... It chooses to blossom, because it's created to express its beauty. It's created to experience itself in it's fullest potential.. When the flower is still a bud it doesn't know of the bees.. Or the butterflies... Or the Sun.. All it knows is a deep urge to expand, to reach out, into full bloom. So it takes on the journey...

And as it's opening up to the Sun, the Sun kisses it, and the bees and the butterflies come and make love with it.

But this it didn't know before it allowed itself to blossom.

We are that flower.

Every single one of us.

Blossoming is unknown territory. It takes a brave heart to take on that journey. Blossoming always comes with the release the old.

Its time to bloom beloved.

And Sing the Song of your Soul.

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