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Allowing Change

I never followed a guru.. My greatest teacher has always been, and will always be, the earth itself.

The earth, who I refer to as a living, breathing being; a mother, a goddess.

Just by observing her I realise the greater truths about life.

Everything we're trying to figure out she's gently teaching us in every moment.

Like the teaching of allowing change and letting go.

Right now it's autumn outside, almost winter.

I'm watching the leaves fall effortlessly from the trees. Without any resistance the tree releases them and they fall to the ground. So easy... So gently. Allowing what once was, to fall away; allowing the old to die.

I'm thinking...If we as human beings could just live our lives according to what the earth teaches us... Instead we tend to cling on to things. Situations, thoughts, memories, identities, beliefs... And with that clinging we create pain and suffering.

Instead of gently allowing ourselves to release that which no longer serves us, and go with the natural rhythm of creation... We're holding on. Trying to cling even more tightly, fearing the unknown... Resisting the natural flow of life. And it just brings us more pain.

There is no way to escape the seasons.

Inner or outer.

Summer will become autumn that will become winter...

And then again the spring will start; just when we felt we couldn't take the cold and dark no more.

And isn't it beautiful when you think of it?

It takes tremendous courage to let go in an effortless way, and a deep trust of the process unfolding... But once the final release is happening,

True transformation can take place.

And maybe we won't know exactly how that will look. Or feel. Or who we will be at the end of it... But that's Ok..

The practice is to surrender. And let go anyway.

In the end, not knowing what comes next is part of the incredible mystery of life…

I wouldn't want it any other way.

Even though it scares the shit out of me sometimes.

In this moment, I'm allowing myself to peel off another layer of who I've started to believe I was. I'm allowing myself to soften around the edges. And I surrender as I do so...

I'm allowing myself to let go...

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