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Beautiful sister,

Would you like to learn how to live in a deeper alignment with the seasons of nature & expand your own spiritual practice?

Are you longing to embody your innate feminine power and unlock the wisdom held within your sacred body?

Are you ready to awaken the Medicine Woman that lives inside of you, claim your soul gifts and fully step into the woman you're meant to be? 


You're invited to a life-changing experience...


The Medicine Woman Wheel of the year is a deep inner journey and a spiritual initiation into becoming your most authentic self. Over the duration of one year you will journey through the wheel of the year and cultivate a deeper relationship to the earth and your feminine core.


This program is for women who are ready to reclaim their power, step into their light and cultivate their own unique soul medicine. 

Are you feeling called to join us dear sister?


~The Medicine ~

The Wheel Of The Year 

The celtic wheel of the year is a beautiful earth based tradition based on how mother earth is spiraling through the seasons. Throughout this year we'll journey through the 8 gateways of the wheel of the year: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh & Mabon. You'll explore the different energies of the seasons, how they affects your life, as well as how to harness their energy and optimize your life by living in alignment with them. As we journey with the wheel of the year you’ll create a deeper connection with nature, with the divine and with your own inner being.  


The Sweat Lodge

Together we'll experience the healing medicine of the temazcal - the sweat lodge. The sweat lodge is an ancient ceremonial practice that supports you in purifying your mind, body and spirit through the alchemy of the elements & heat. The medicine of the sweat lodge helps us to release all that no longer serves our highest good so that we can reclaim our true selves. Together in sisterhood we will enter this sacred chamber that represents the womb of the earth and be reborn as sovereign beings. Aina will lead the temazcal ceremony. She has many years of experience with fascilitating sweat lodge ceremonies, and has been initiated in the Mexican tradition by Andres Cobos. 

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Body Wisdom & Sacred Archetypes

We shall also explore our inner landscapes and the wisdom of our bodies through weaving together feminine embodiment, connecting with powerful archetypes & through guided inner dream journeys. The archetypes that you'll deepen your connection to has the potential of guiding you deeper into the remembrance of your inherent wisdom and activate the feminine mysteries within you. The embodiment practices and dream journey's we'll dive into are deeply revitalizing and connects us deeply with our womb, pelvis and root: the seat of your feminine power and creativity, and your direct connection to mother earth and the womb of creation.

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We will gather on Friday at 17:00. This evening we will journey with the wheel of the year, and explore the archetype we'll be working with. We'll also dive into revitalizing embodiment practices and receive inner messages through a guided inner dream journey. There will be time for inner reflection work and journaling as well as a sister sharing circle. We will end the evening around 21:00.


On Saturday the day after, we'll meet again at 10:00 and start the day with some holistic movement, embodiment and emotional release practices. After that we'll start to prepare for the sweat lodge ceremony. We will build the sacred fire together in sisterhood and learn about the alchemy of this ancient tradition.

When the preparation for the ceremony is done, we'll one by one enter the sweat lodge. We'll be inside the sweat lodge between 2-4 hours.


After the sweat lodge ceremony you'll get some time to rest and integrate your experience. Later in the evening we'll share a delicious vegetarian meal together, and we'll end with a sharing circle and meditation.  

The Program Will Look Like This:

Art by Autumn Skye Art

The Dates Of Our Gatherings: 

29/30 October 
Samhain - The Wild woman

17/18 December
Yule (Winter Solstice) - The Priestess/Mystic

28/29 January
Imbolc - The Healer

18/19 March
Ostara (Spring Equinox) - The Maiden

29/30 April
Beltane - The Lover

17/18 June
Litha (Summer Solstice) - The Mother

29/30 July
Lughnasadh - The Queen

16/17 September
Mabon (Autumn Equinox) - Wise Woman/The Crown

(To correspond with the weekends, each one of the gatherings will be a few days before the actual date of the seasonal celebrations. )


Throughout This Journey You'll Explore:

 Body wisdom & embodiment - Awaken the power inside your pelvis, your womb and your root, come home to yourself & cultivate your deep feminine essence

 Sacred archetypes - Journey with 8 different transformational feminine archetypes and receive their medicine and wisdom for your spiritual growth 

 Sisterhood - Connect with other women on the same path as you and create friendships for life 

 Sweat lodge ceremonies - Participate in all together 8 sweat lodge ceremonies throughout the year and experience how this potent medicine helps you to heal purify your mind, body and soul 

✽ Dream journeys - Experience the realms of symbolism and inner visions through guided shamanic dream journeys

... And much more

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This Is For You If:

 You want to cultivate a deeper connection to mother earth & the elements and expand your spiritual practice

 You want to feel held and supported by a loving sisterhood 

 You're longing to step into your light and feel empowered sharing your unique medicine and gifts with the world

✽ You desire to connect deeper with your inner wisdom & intuition 

 You wish to learn more about the the feminine mysteries, sacred archetypes and womb awakening

✽ You feel the call from within to experience the ancient tradition of the sweat lodge and how this potent medicine can support your healing journey

Venue & Accommodation 

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The weeekends will be held at Hurdal Gjestegård, approx 1 hour drive from Oslo.


Hurdal Gjestegård is a yoga and retreat centre located nearby Hurdal Ecovillage. We'll be practicing in a beautiful old house with lots of history and soul, surrounded by lush nature and a gorgeous lake. 


The price for the weekend does not include accomodation. You can book your accomodation at Hurdal Gjestegård at

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Nourishing Food


Malin, the owner of Hurdal Gjestegård will serve us a delicious and nourishing vegetarian dinner both on Friday and on Saturday.


Price for the whole year (all 8 gatherings) 17.600,-

or 8 installments of 2200,- Nok

Price for one single gathering 2200,- Nok Early bird

2500,- Nok Full price

medicine woman wheel of the year is facilitated by Johanna Lily & Aina Olsen


Johanna Lily is a certified transformational coach, a feminine embodiment and sacred sexuality teacher and she's walking the path of the Priestess. 

She's passionate about supporting women to awaken to their true selves, heal their relationships to their bodies and to remember the innocence of their erotic nature. 

She has over the past decade studied an explored topics and modalities such as tantra, voice awakening, shamanism, energy healing, holistic dance and embodiment. Now she offers her work through transformative courses and retreats as well as one-on-one, guiding the women she's working with to cultivate deeper self-love, awaken their soul gifts and blossom in their feminine essence. 

Aina is currently undergoing a 2 year long Medicine Priestess training & apprenticeship.

Aina Olsen has been initiated into the tradition of the sweat lodge (temazcal) and vision quest by Andres King Cobos from Mexico and she has been his apprentice since 2012. For many years she was the owner of Björk, a loving retreat and course centre in Norway where she organized several shamanic and spiritual retreats. She’s been leading circles for over 10 years and is currently offering vision quests, drum journey’s and sweat lodge ceremonies. By diving deep into the sweat lodge tradition Aina found her true power and restored her connection to mother earth and the elements. She’s passionate about sharing the tradition of temazcal with others, as she believes it holds the potential to show us our true potential if we allow it.

Aina is currently undergoing a 2 year long Medicine Priestess training & apprenticeship.




Both Aina and Johanna share their own way of safety around their work. I feel both seen and held and that there is space for all kinds of emotions to arise. Alone and together they held the energy in the group in a warm and loving way.
The soft atmosphere throughout the retreat gave many genuine, vulnerable and open sharings between women of all different ages. The beauty in that for me is to experience that much of what’s being shared is recognizable in each other, and that we can truly help and support each other just by being together.
I’m filled with strong gratitude to also feel a deeper connection with nature and myself, and this inner feeling that knows that we all have this medicine woman wisdom within us.



The Medicine Woman retreat in Valdres with Aina and Johanna was an incredibly empowering and beautiful experience!


The practices were balanced beautifully – from breathwork and embodiment practices with Johanna to the sweat lodge with Aina. Johanna’s meditations and practices allowed me to get in touch with my body and my emotions and as always I felt safe and sustained in the space that she held for us. The temazcal was a powerful contrast – a test of endurance and a gateway to the hidden power I hold in me as a woman. To breathe my way through the heat, the darkness and my own mental barriers. What an experience! Transformative to the core

of my being. A rebirth, a return home to mother nature.

The beauty of the weekend also lay in the wonderful, strong women I was able to meet and connect with, the delicious foods we ate, the powerful songs we chanted together and our wonderful sharing circles. I am still floating in the afterglow of the weekend.

Thank you, Johanna and Aina, from the bottom of my heart, for this wonderful, magical retreat.



Mmm… Medicine woman sweat lodge retreat. What an experience that was! I learned so much from this weekend. One of my greatest teachings was to see myself in all of my sisters and accept them as I accept myself. Now I feel even more connected to nature and myself, and the sweat lodge is such a powerful medicine that I look forward to coming back to.

 Johanna and Aina- you’re both such great teachers. You two show softness and power in a harmonious and inspiring way. We are so powerful together and you two showed us that in such a loving way. You really made me feel like we were teaching you as much as you were teaching us. I feel so grateful that you two got together with your passion and created this healing and supportive space for us.


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