Welcome to the mystical lands of Avalon beautiful sister!

We are very happy to welcome you to a transformative & intimate 6 day retreat from the 19th to the 24th of April 2020 at the beautiful Healing Waters Sanctuary in the heart of Avalon.

Avalon holds ancient wisdom and is often called the heart chakra of the planet, and you can feel this when you arrive here. This ancient land carries the energies of sacred union and holds powerful codes that starts to activate your divine soul purpose. 

This retreat is an invitation for you to deepen your contact to the wisdom held in your sacred body and embody your unlimited potential. Here you can come just as you are to unwind from your busy life, to let go of that which no longer serves you, give space for new possibilities & and for your blossoming feminine essence to unfold.

Are you ready to unleash the full spectrum of your feminine essence? 


To step into the most confident version of yourself, where you embody sovereignty and true feminine power? 


Are you longing to return to inner union and say YES to your unlimited potential and divine soul purpose?


You will be working with a sacred map that moves in a spiral all the way deep into your feminine core and activates the Queen codes in your

Sacred Feminine Template.


There will be daily deep somatic embodiment practices and temple rituals that will open you up to the sacredness of your being, rewind your nervous system & slow down your analytical mind. This will assist you in connecting with your inner wisdom and be more fully alive in the present moment.

Through this transformational healing work, you will call home all aspects of you and return to your true self. You will awaken your sensual body and activate the holy feminine alchemy held within your womb, heart and sexual essence.

As you journey deeper into your centre and remember more of your soul essence, you will be guided in releasing any layers of self-doubt, limitations and subconscious programmings that may have been blocking you from living in alignment with your true destiny in the world.

 Together we will create a sacred temple & an environment with an emphasis on trust and a nourishing & supportive sisterhood. A safe haven beyond competition and comparison where you can come just as you are and allow yourself to open up, surrender to love & blossom in your own unique way.

By embodying your divine feminine power, you will Awaken the Queen within and rise in your true potential.

This is the ultimate gift to yourself. ♡

This Retreat Is For You If:

You want to awaken more pleasure and feel more confident, alive & sensual in your feminine body.

You want to cultivate deeper intuition and self-trust, so you can find your own answers.

You want to deepen the connection between your sacred heart, womb and sexuality and love & honour your body as a sacred temple.

You're longing to soften the armour in your body and surrender to your feminine essence

You're ready to strip off old limitations about yourself & allow yourself to shine in your true colours.

You're feeling that there is more of YOU that wants to emerge, that you have greater potential and gifts that still hasn't fully bloomed and you’re curious to explore more.

You wish to balance your inner feminine and masculine aspects and feel greater wholeness from within.

You want to learn how to cultivate and activate kundalini Shakti, your life force energy and transformational power.

You're ready to live your life with more purpose & reclaim your inner Queendom.

You want to gift yourself with a nourishing & transformational experience in the heart of beautiful Avalon. 

Every Day You Will Receive:

 Evening Temple Rituals in Sacred Body Awakening & Priestess Arts
 Kundalini Dance & Deep Feminine Embodiment Practices 
 Soft & Restorative Yin Yoga 
 Visits to the Sacred Sites of Avalon
Mary Magdalene & Feminine Mysteries Initiations
 Sisterhood circles 
 Sacred Sexuality & Inner Union Teachings 

 Nourishing vegan food 

Retreat Venue & Accomodation

Healing Waters Sanctuary is an Interfaith Spiritual Retreat Centre and B&B that embodies the qualities of Love and Compassion. The centre is situated on the Sacred Site of Wearyhall Hill and the Saint Michael Ley Line. The powerful energy pervading this beautiful house and the stunning views of Glastonbury Tor and the Somerset Levels make it an immediate choice for anyone wanting to heal themselves or experience a powerful spiritual transformation.

Healing Waters offers a deeply relaxing stay.
The comfortable rooms are calm and peaceful, infused with the energy of healing and tranquility, each one unique and created with love. 

Room Options:

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£ 850
Full Price

£ 930


£ 850
Full Price

£ 930


£ 805
Full Price

£ 890


£ 865
Full Price

£ 950


£ 910
Full Price

£ 990

Payment plans are available on request

Prices are in GBP

What's Included:

 Three delicious & nourishing vegan and gluten-free meals per day

 5 night stay at Healing Waters Retreat Centre 
 Full retreat program

What's Not Included:


 Transport to and from Healing Waters Retreat Centre 
 Entrance to Chalice Well
 Dining out 

Your Facilitators 
Blossoming Queen Retreat is held by
Feminine Embodiment teachers 
Johanna Lily & Junn Sandvik

“Blossom in your Feminine Essence & Sing the Song of your Soul”

Johanna is a certified transformational life coach, an embodiment & self-love mentor and a wisdom keeper of the feminine mysteries.

She is deeply passionate to support women to embody the innate wisdom of their feminine essence, cultivate sacred sensuality and to remember the divinity of their sexuality.

She has a background of studies in many kinds of healing modalities as well as holistic and esoteric teachings such as tantra, meditation & embodiment and she has spent many years working with the shadow and to understand human behavior on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

She aims to share her work in the form of transformative courses & retreats as well as one-on-one sessions, guiding the women she’s working with into deep practices to ignite genuine self-love, awaken the beauty of their souls and blossom in their feminine essence.

To walk into the space Johanna had created to us was like entering a sacred temple. During the workshop

I opened up, healed, came in contact with parts of my body that I have never been given any attention to before, and re:activated parts of the feminine that had been kept latent within. And more, a lot more..

Some of the best things was the experience of true sisterhood, to treat myself and other women as we are: Goddesses.

And to establish a strong connection between women based on trust and love.
We are strengthening our position in the world by strengthening each other, and this work really contributes to this.

Afterwards I have a renewed respect and love for my body and my feminine cycle. A woman I met for the first time even told me: “You’re glowing, like a real Goddess!”

Johanna is great at what she does, she is warm, strong, raw, wise and inspiring - The real deal!

I can warmly recommend this beautiful woman and her work.



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