Are you ready to rise in your Feminine Power?

Hi Beautiful

I offer one-on-one Transformational Coaching & Mentorship packages where we dive DEEP into exploring what's been holding you back from fully owning you FEMININE POWER & stepping into your


Do you find yourself…


Holding back on shining your light because of fear of what other people may think about you?


Lacking confidence and doubting your self-worth?

Trying to manifest your dreams but instead burning yourself out because you’re pushing too hard?


Are you ready to…


Step fully into the most authentic version of yourself?


Release old conditioning stories & limiting beliefs about yourself that’s been running the show until now?


Fall deeply in love with all of yourself and bloom from within?

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You’ll get CRYSTAL CLEAR on the highest vision you see for yourself and your life, then I’ll help you create action steps and strategies based on both feminine & masculine principles for you to move towards your goals with 

ease and flow.

You'll be supported to cultivate stronger self-love, authenticity & deeper embodiment of the most empowered version of yourself - AKA your inner Queen, so that you may take a seat at your own throne & show up with true leadership in your life.

I’ll be by your side every step of the way to help you release that which no longer serve your highest good, embrace your fears, celebrate your breakthroughs & and support you to claim your birthright as a powerful Creatrix of your own destiny in the world!

During the journey you'll be working with the sensuous layers of your body through embodiment practices that supports you to feel centered & grounded in your Body Temple & awakens your Sacred Feminine radiance.

Lets face it;

Awakening to our highest potential, stepping into our power & moving towards our wildest dreams takes a lot of courage and can be quite a challenging journey to navigate without the right support...

That's why I designed my coaching & mentorship packages to support women like you to feel sensually alive and radiant, while also working deep on the level of the subconscious to clear blocks & limiting beliefs that's been holding you back from fully owning your worth & sharing your gifts with the world!


Your Journey of Transformation

Are you ready to write a new & more empowering story about yourself?

What we will work on:

Finding the highest vision for your life & start moving towards it! 

Clear any old story you may hold onto about yourself & release limiting beliefs that's holding you back from shining your light!

Activate YOUR unique soul gifts & start to share them with the world!

• Come home to yourself, heal your relationship with your body ​& bloom from within

End people-pleasing, speak your truth and own your feminine power! ​

Structure healthy habits and nourishing self-care practices that makes you feel embodied, sensually alive and that activates your feminine magnetism! 

 Cultivate more self-love and forgive yourself for any past experiences 

 Re-wire negative thought patterns & overcome self-sabotage that's blocking you from living your dream

Manifest your goals in alignment with your feminine cyclic nature 

 Quiet the inner critic, strenghten your self-esteem and allow your heart to guide you ​towards your soul's desires

Ignite more love, passion & creativity in your day to day life ​and channel it into all areas of your life 


Deep within you know the time has come for you to rise as the Queen you are meant to be!

What you'll receive:

 Two 60-90 min one-on-one coaching & mentoring sessions with me per month

(Video calls over Zoom) 

Email & voice message support between sessions to ask me questions & 

receive ongoing mentoring (Over whatsapp)

Accountability & emotional support on your journey

Guided meditations & transmissions; some of them created just for you

Journal prompts & reflection homework for you to explore between sessions

Energy clearings & rituals to support your personal transformation

Self-love exercises & sensual feminine embodiment practices that makes you radiate from within

You're ready to dig deep into your subconscious to have a good look at what's been standing in the way for you to fully claiming your sovereign power and soul gifts

 You are ready to financially invest in yourself 

• You're committed to Show Up and do The Work 

• You can commit to a minimum of 3 months of working with me

This is for you if:

This transformational program

is being offered as 3 or 6 months 

coaching & mentorship packages

with 2 monthly sessions & unlimited

email support between sessions

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Discovery Call

To be held, witnessed and reflected back by Johanna in coaching has been a true blessing and it has supporting my growth tremendously!

We have been doing coaching over some months which has allowed me to experience several breakthroughs and

insights, and Johanna has supported me by helping me find ways to integrate the insights and draw wisdom from them to improve the quality of my life. She’s a great listener and highly intuitive, which makes her an excellent coach.

She recognizes core issues in important topics and reflects them back mindfully, while she holds space for growth in an attentive and gentle way. Her presence is peaceful and caring, which support healing and growth to happen naturally in the sessions. I felt seen and supported throughout the entire coaching and I am grateful I found her as a coach. I know for sure I will reach out to her again for more support in the future when I’m going through phases in life where I’m in need of extra support. We have been doing in-depth life coaching how to work more in tune with my feminine cycle, sensitivity and stress-management.

Coaching with Johanna has been a beautiful experience and I warmly recommend her as a coach to anyone looking to improve their lives and receive loving support in seeing their blind spots and overcoming obstacles.


I decided to have one-on-one sessions with Johanna at a time in my life when I was not honoring my body or my self. 

Instead of listening to my own needs, I was giving myself to others and it was draining me. My sessions with Johanna helped me to start putting myself first in my life, and basically tuning in to what I needed in each moment. Through different practices combined with the things I enjoyed, Johanna helped me find the confidence within and the courage to be with myself even when it was not always comfortable. She held the space not only during sessions, but also in our email correspondence in times where I felt I needed to share important insights and dreams. My sessions with her helped me to manage my already stressful life by helping me use the different tools available to me, such as yoga, meditation and dance. She also reminded me to be kind to myself, as I had a habit of being too hard on myself, especially when I didn't manage to follow through with my activities. 

Her authenticity and genuine desire to help other women live their full potential shines through her entire being. Her work has given me so many tools and ways in which I can connect with my feminine energy and cultivate it in my daily life. I have so much gratitude for the opportunity of experiencing her knowledge and wisdom, and I believe many women will benefit from her amazing spirit and vibe. 


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